Rewca Thumb is a real estate portal based in Vancouver, Canada. Real Estate Weekly has over 30 years of experience in print advertising and has been the top publication for properties in Vancouver. Wanting to expand into the digital arena they required the development of a custom application for searc...

Subly Ss

Subly Gem

Subly is a simple gem for adding subscriptions to an ActiveRecord model. Originally intended to be controlled by an external app (such as Salesforce) it only includes the basics of subscriptions and does not include plans or constants. The gem was used with the project and has been implem...

Rh Scree

Raine and Horne's corporate website.  This was used as the foundation for the SAS project.  The current design was implemented by the team though the concept was an 3rd party.

Adify Screen

Adify Gem

Adify is a simple to use (hopefully) rails gem that builds up ad tags for cashing in on your users. It uses inheritance of controllers and models and simple business rules to make it simple and concise to implement. The same syntax is used no matter where you call it. Adify is built to work with...

Sas Screen

A real estate agent site that rocks. Smart Agent Sites is a CMS that is tailored to the real estate industry. It is able to accept data from many different feeds and allows each agent or agency to customize their own site. With the use of desktop software Artisteer a customer is able to skin and ...

Custom apps & Agile Transformations

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